• Pamela D. Holloway

What a morning.

This morning the 'tree man' said he would arrive 8 ish. So I got up specially early so that I could park my car somewhere in Rye to allow room for his large truck and chipper machine. Fortunately, I found a slot that my car fitted into perfectly. Not always easy in Rye!. Then I waited... Luke and his assistant arrived just before nine and I of course made them the desired cup of tea. Time passed, I did the ironing and went out as requested to admire, suggest and make more tea. Finally, all was completed and they scrupulously swept up and cleared up which was greatly and gratefully appreciated.

I went to collect my car. All was well as I drove round the one way system to get to our home. Half way along the High Street a badly parked car meant that a delivery lorry could not pass. By now there was a stream of cars behind me. The local jeweller SImon Milne, who came out to view the scene, asked cars to back up a little so that I could turn down the only other street that exits the town. Two cars backed up then turned down the street . I too backed up and turned down said street. Left, left and left again and I was at the bottom of my road, which is a one way street. I of course had no option but to drive up the wrong way - knowing of course that nothing could come down as the road was blocked higher up!

A man standing by my gate raised his arm at what I thought was a friendly gesture to indicate I was going the wrong way in a one way street. I smiled indicating I was turning in.

I got out of the car and was about to explain about the blockage when he informed me in a very agressive and unpleasant manner that he 'used to be' a policeman. I tried to reason by explaining the situation but he took paper and pen from his pocket and informed me he was going to report me. His attitude was belligerent, unhelpful and slightly threatening and as a former Magistrate I am wondering if I should report him!

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