• Pamela D. Holloway

What a lovely Easter Sunday

Today, was a special day for the Queen but also for my Husband whose birthday it is too. It was a family lunch - with vegetarian option for the two veggies and dessert was a strawberry pavlova instead of a birthday cake. The seven of us sang Happy Birthday and husband was delighted. Not as old as the Queen bless her but at 86 he enjoyed the fuss and family.

Grandson Dominic and I went for a walk after everyone left to drive home and despite feeling replete managed to enjoy an ice cream en route.

Tomorrow, back to normal activity and on with the next book. Enjoyed a good morning at Waterstones, Rye on Saturday and sold a number of my books. All three were available and one person bought two!

As this is my first ever blog perhaps I should list my books. 1. A Different Kind of Life. 2. Claire's Story and 3. Blood in the Snow - which the publishes assure me has television potential. We shall see!

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