• Pamela D. Holloway

Lunch out with the Babes!

Once a month a small group of us meets ostensibly to discuss modest investments that we make. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. We are very business like - most of the time,and Minute the business part of the meeting. Then it is time for a much needed cup of tea and whoever is hosting (we take it in turns) provides something delectable to eat. Home made cake is the most acceptable offering - but one of us does not cook - so we have extremely rich and tasty chocolaty nibbles from her, generally purchased from our local lovely Deli

Why 'Babes' you ask - or maybe you don't, and anyway ,it is a secret I am not at liberty to divulge!

However, today we are treating ourselves to lunch out in a very smart, quite upmarket restaurant. We normally treat ourselves to a Christmas lunch, but feel we need, want, deserve a summer treat...So, I'm off to lunch,and husband, who though still very frail is going to walk down the road and sit in the garden of our local Italian Restaurant and enjoy risotto, which suits his palette these days. Sadly days of steaks, chips, pizza are things of the past. But, enough of that ...the sun is shinning and it's warm. Have a nice day, as they say.

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