Pamela D. Holloway cannot remember a time when she didn't write. It started at school with essays turning into short stories. Married to her childhood sweetheart at 20 the next years were filled with babies, who as they grew older listened to her magical stories of imaginary lands and weird animals. Now free to turn to novels she has written a number of books and was finally encouraged to look for publication.

the portugese house.jpg
The Portuguese House

ISBN: 978-1838591199


After being badly let down by her husband, writer Liz O’Malley takes a holiday in Goa, in India. To her surprise she falls in love with the place, the people and an old, somewhat derelict, Portuguese house. To her sister’s equal surprise she buys the house and employs local people to return it to its former impressive glory.

At a social event she meets the widowed British Ambassador and there is a definite frisson. The beginning of a romance is shattered when one of his two sons is taken ill. The situation is further complicated when the Ambassador moves to Paris, and a wealthy German divorcee targets him for her next marriage.

Meanwhile Liz is offered a book tour of the United States and has further adventures there, accompanied by an extremely lively P.R. from her publishing house. But will it be possible for her romance to be re-kindled, and will she find happiness in her new home in the Portuguese house?

A Different Kind of Life

ISBN: 978-1520722368


When eight-year-old Fiona’s beloved father dies, she is left to look after her wheelchair-bound mother and younger siblings. She holds the family together over the years despite the odious Mr Lennard gradually insinuating himself into their lives with ultimately devastating consequences. A teenage Fiona has no choice but to abandon her family and her old life in the early hours one morning and step into an uncertain future. How Fiona copes with the loss of her family and her previous life as she grows into a young woman tests her fortitude, her loyalties and her ability to pursue her burgeoning artistic talent. Will she find peace and fulfilment? Will she indeed find a different kind of life?

Claire's Story

After an unusual upbringing, Claire decides to leave her Edinburgh home and travel to visit her old school friend who lives on Vancouver Island. Once there, she palms off her son, having persuaded him to pretend his father is dead. She sets out to find a job and a wealthy husband, and eventually finds both. She also finds herself in a very dangerous situation: her life is threatened. A prison sentence is likely. Can she find someone to believe her?